Explore Dugi otok and taste Mediterranean nature


sakarun dugi otok beach sunny


Dugi otok

It is 45 km long, wide from 1 to 4 km, with the highest point of 338 m called Vela Straža. It has steep southwest coast, and planty of beautiful bays among whom the most magical are Sakarun and Telašćica.

The proud of the island is it's significant  landscape, with the lighthouse on it's norh-west side, and the Nature park Telašćica on the south-east side. The richness of the sea, together with the island make the ecological and natural unikness.

There are 12 villages on the island, in which live about 1500 people in total. The road, which connects all the villages of the island, gives you a pleanty of magnifican views. The island has good ferry and boat connections with the homeland.

Dugi otok, with planty of it's natural beauties and small villages, is a trip throuhg the world of tradition and the modern way of life.

Coming to Dugi otok is coming back to yourself – your body, your senses, your natural needs. You can please yourself relaxing on many beautiful island beaches and swimming in the crystal clean sea, enjoy in the colorful sunsets, smells and sounds of the nature.

Each village on Dugi otok has it's fiesta. Hedonism and Mediterranean culture, in the unique, specific way of each village, and in the ambient of the island architecture, alives all human's dreams.

The Saharun bay, the beach of white sand and  pine trees is a place of great joy. It is a natural opposite of the bay Telašćica.




Village Soline

Small and tranquille place, seatlled on northwest part of Dugi otok in Solišćica Bay. The place is known from the 12. century. The name of the village comes out from the salt-making places, which are here from the old times. St. Jakov is the protector of the village, and is celebrated every year at the 25th of the July with a big fiesta. The church of St Jakov was built in the 15th century, in the centar of the village. The people of Soline live from their land, producing an olive oil, fishing and in the last years, turisam is becoming more actual. There is a small market, pizzeria and beach bar in Soline. In the Soline nearby (10 min walking) is a famous sandy-beach Sakarun, the most beautiful beach in the whole Croatia.

sakarun dugi otok beach sunny

Wide, sandy beach about 800 m long, opened to the Adriatic sea. It is seattled on the north-west coast of the Dugi otok, only10 min walking from Soline. Fine white sand gives specific green-blue colour to the sea. It is one of the most beautiful and most famous beaches of this part of the Adriatic. There is a coctail bar on the beach.


Lighthouse Veli rat
It was built in the 1849. on the north-west cape of Dugi otok ( called Punta Bjanka). With it's 42 m high, it is the highest lighthouse on the Adriatic. The Lighthouse is sarounded with pine woods, beautiful bays and beaches. It is one of the most beautiful lighthouses on the Adriatic. There is St Nicola's church by the lighthouse, the protector of the sailors.

Nature park Telešćica
Is on the south-east part of Dugi otok. It has three fenomens: The Telašćicu bay, the biggest and the most secure natural Adriatic bay, the cliffs which are 200 m high above sea, and the salt lake Mir, with medicative effects.
The Telašćica bay, one of the biggest, most secure, and most beautiful natural bays on the Adriatic, in which are 6 islands, 25 small bays, is attractive anchorage for meny navigators. Around Telaščica bay are beautiful meadows and hills with over 300 plant and animal spices. There are few restaurants in the Nature park area, in which you can enyoj in traditional fish and meet specialities.